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Enrollment and Age Verification

Verification of a new pupil’s age

Effective immediately, the following documents are acceptable documents for verification of the pupil’s age:

  1. An official or certified copy of the birth record;
  2. A statement by the local registrar or county recorder certifying the date of birth;
  3. A baptismal certificate or official hospital record of birth;
  4. A passport; or
  5. When none of the above is obtainable, an Affidavit for Proof of Age of Minor signed by the student’s parent/legal guardian may be accepted. Please note, this is not a District created form, this is an affidavit that would be provided to the District.

The District will not require documentation that may indicate a student’s or parent’s national origin or immigration status, such as a passport, to the exclusion of other permissible documentation.

Copies of the above-listed documentation will be accepted and reviewed for verification purposes only; copies shall not be maintained by the school site after the student’s age has been verified.

Documents Required for New Student Registration:
Kindergarten Online Registration Checklist:
Student Health Requirements: