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Surviving Distance Learning

Some tips for making learning at home a pleasant experience:

  1. Make their learning environment in a room away from distractions such as television.

  2. Take learning in small bits of information. Most kids need a gear change after 7-10 minutes.

  3. A clear schedule with breaks and free time included. First we do this, then we can do this.

  4. Use a point system for breaks, stickers or whatever motivates your children.

  5. Teach them hands-on things like cooking, baking, gardening, crafts to break the monotony.

  6.  Provide Brain breaks. 

  7. Start schoolwork in the morning when kids are sharp. Set small goals (complete 2 assignments, take a break.)

  8. When the student isn’t “into it” anymore, rather than argue, create a distraction like: take a walk around the block, walk the dog, etc.

  9. Have your kids shower, eat breakfast, and get dressed into clothes, not pajamas!

  10. Be flexible. Recess can be longer than 20 minutes!! Enjoy your time together.